George Soros is being sued by Benny Steinmetz for $10 billion. Steinmetz is also making some interesting allegations that Soros is an anti-Semite.

Via Bloomberg:

Companies controlled by Israeli mining magnate Beny Steinmetz sued fellow billionaire George Soros, claiming he cost them at least $10 billion through a defamation campaign that stripped them of rights to an iron ore deposit in Guinea and other business opportunities around the world.

Soros funded law firms, transparency groups, investigators and government officials in Guinea in a coordinated effort to ensure BSG Resources Ltd. lost the rights to the Simandou deposit in April 2014, BSGR said in a complaint filed Friday in Manhattan federal court.

After years of Steinmetz’s companies accusing Soros of propagating corruption allegations which resulted in their loss of Simandou, this is the first time they are taking direct legal action against him. In the complaint, BSGR alleges that Soros was driven by a grievance between the two dating back to 1998 and a “long-standing animus toward the state of Israel

Nothing greater can happen for society than if George Soros was forced to hand over a huge sum of money. Soros, as most conservatives know, is a major financier of the democrat party and various groups that fund liberal protests and interests globally. If Soros suddenly loses a large chunk of his fortune then most of these groups that he funds such as The Open Society Foundations,, and Media Matters will struggle as well. Let’s all pray Mr Steinmetz has a case.