Nancy Pelosi is one of the most outspoken “pro abortion” advocates on planet Earth. She has gone as far as calling late-term abortion “sacred ground.”

In a speech on Thursday she proudly discussed a new $204 million program in San Francisco aimed at preventing suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge. The event was to “honor the deep moral responsibility to save lives wherever and whenever we can.” Pelosi commented as follows:

“In this Holy season of Easter and Passover, we recognize again and again, that every single life is so valuable,” Pelosi said on Thursday. “In every one of them a spark of divinity, in every one of them a child of God, every one of them precious, precious to us. Every loss, though it be in your family, is a loss to all of us.”

Pelosi must have forgotten her values since it is she and her party that encourage the killing of defenseless babies.

Via Tea Partier: