The United States and North Korea seem to be on a high speed collision course. North Korea, aka the Hermit Kingdom, has been isolated and at war with the United States for over 50 years. They have been testing their nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities since the early 1990’s which recently have become rather advanced.

In response to their latest provocations, President Trump has dispatched a Naval carrier strike group to monitor and counter any first strike threats. 

North Korea, in response to Trump, have stepped up their provocations. In a display of force on Friday, N Korea put all of their military capabilities on display as a way to deter the United States and its allies from pursuing a military option with them.

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North Korea is one of those “no-win” situations. They are a formidable force and will fight to the death. Each President has kicked the can down the road to their successor. 

President Trump, to his credit, is dealing with N Korea head on. He needs to be careful and make the right moves or we will see an war involving multiple actors on each side.