President Donald Trump is making mince meat out of ISIS fighters. Apparently, the much of Tenek and Anbar districts have been won back and ISIS is on the run. In the past week, a stunning 2,900 ISIS militants have been killed.

The Daily Star reports

WIPED OUT: Around 2,900 ISIS militants have been killed over the past week

Iraqi forces are making huge gains in their mission to wipe out the jihadi virus from Mosul.

Backed by US airstrikes, the troops are working to clear the remaining districts of the death cult.

Thousands of Islamist extremists were taken out during fierce clashes with the Iraqi army in the disputed Tenek and Abar districts.

Both districts are now under Iraqi government control.

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Sabah al-Noaman, of the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service, said the preliminary death toll for ISIS fighters was estimated to be around 2,900.

Trump told the world that he would not telegraph his movements to the enemy. He said that it would result in us having the advantage on ISIS combatants and so far he is correct.