Vice President Mike Pence has arrived in Korea on the 23rd parallel referred to as the “demilitarized zone” or DMZ.

Mike Pence DMZ

Pence, in an interview with CNN, told Dana Bash that he is inspired by the people of and the alliance forged between the U.S. and South Korea. He also said that the “era of patience is over” regarding the U.S. position on dealing with North Korea’s aggression and nuclear development program.

Via CNN:

For peace lovers around that world, this is a frightening moment. Vice President Mike Pence is literally clueing us in on the fact that the United States may be very close to military combat with North Korea in some fashion.

It is true that North Korea needs to be stopped. Let’s all hope that the Chinese come around and play their role. China is an extremely vital player in North Korea’s economy. They provide them with oil, food, and other necessities. If China applies enough pressure they are the world’s best shot at stopping North Korea in a non-military manner.