Dana Loesch appeared on Fox News to discuss an amazing ridiculous and anti-Trump headline entitled “100 Days Of Horror.” 

In the article, author Charles Blow, NY Times Columnist and CNN puppet pundit tries to create “buckets” of individuals that Trump made failed promises (his perception) to in the campaign such as women and blacks. He also attempts to blame President Trump for factors outside of his control such as Congress or liberal activist judges. 

What he doesn’t do is talk about all of the amazing successes despite the highest level of obstruction and persecution from the legislature, intelligence services, and media. 

Successes such as scores of executive orders rolling back stupid and anti-business Obama regulations, nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, showing strength on the world stage, and being days away from repealing Obamacare.

Why would he mention any of this stuff? His agenda is to destroy the morale of the Trump supporter, but it won’t work.

Watch Dana Loesch discuss with Bill Hemmer on Fox News: