The United States has taken a “wait and see” approach with North Korea for over 50 years. When the Hermit Kingdom began their aggressive testing, we worked with UN member nations to sanction them into Bolivia. It’s at the point where there is nothing left to sanction and North Korea persists. 

President Trump is attempting a more head on approach. He’s playing a literal game of chicken with Kim Jong-Un. Stop the nonsense. Ow, denuclearize, or we will force you to. It’s really the only play left outside of China assisting and choking North Korea off from food and oil; a scenario that is unlikely to actualize. 

But the ladies from The View think they know better. They think it’s ok to allow a maniacal dictator like Kim Jong-Un to create a nuclear warhead that can reach the Pacific States of California, Oregon, and Washington. 

Listen to them tell the audience and their one Republican co-host that President Trump should continue the Obama policy of appeasement.

Via DroneTekPolitics: