All of 2016 we were told that President Trump couldn’t win. He didn’t stand a chance. He was down in the polls. Don’t look at the crowds… Don’t look at the social media follows and shares. Just listen to the media and you would be in a perfect position to judge who would win, right? WRONG!

As we know, the polls were all off. Many of them by 6-10 points. They just weren’t a reliable predictor of reality as it related to the election. Same happened with Brexit prior to the U.S. Election and the same is happening today in President Trump’s approval polls.

Liberal media outlets and pollsters are purposely oversampling democrats, minorities, and college-educated women in an attempt to skew their polls. It’s an extremely unethical and incredible action they are taking to undermine the popularity of the President of their own nation. These people should be ashamed of themselves.