President Trump spoke in Wisconsin today about a new policy via executive order. The Buy American, Hire American executive order does exactly what it states. 

Via The Hill:

American middle class to make things and keep them running has been at the base of our nation’s strength since its founding,” Snap-on CEO Nicholas Pinchuk said in a statement to NPR. “We believe the President’s visit emphasizes the need to nurture such manufacturing strength.”

The “Buy American” provision of the order will reinforce a stricter adherence to laws that require the federal government to purchase American-made products whenever possible.

The “Buy American” part could also include changes to the United States’ free trade agreements, although the White House is likely still reviewing possible adjustments to its trade agreements.

The “Hire American” part targets government guest-worker programs, particularly the H-1B visa program. The order will crack down on “abuses” in such programs.

What an amazing policy that proves without a doubt that President Trump is serious about supporting American jobs and workers. 

Watch via The White House: