The media has been attempting to hype up the Georgia special election (Tom Price’s seat) as an “almost win” for democrats. Jon Ossoff and the DNC spent over 8 million dollars trying to win the seat on the first shot and failed against a split up republican party. That doesn’t matter, as always, the message from the media is positive for democrats, negative for republicans.

Sean Spicer, understanding the game, called the media out on it in his White House Press Briefing this afternoon.

Transcribed by the Free Beacon:

“It’s interesting. I thought some of the coverage was a little intriguing as I watched it,” Spicer said. “The Democrats went all in on this race. They spent $8.3 million. They said on the record that their goal was to win this race. They lost, and the reaction has somewhat been that they almost won. No, they lost.”

He added that Democrats threw the “kitchen sink” into winning the race and lost. When Jackson said there were still two months until the final election, Spicer said it was not the stated goal of the Democrats to go to a runoff.

“They didn’t run for a runoff. They ran to win last night and they lost,” Spicer said. “And so anything short of describing that a loss is sort of inconceivable to me in the sense that that’s literally what they said their goal was to do … They came up short, and so it’s a loss.”

Watch via Washington Free Beacon: