Jeff Sessions declared today at a press conference that he was preparing to go after Leaker’s of government secrets. Included among them, the man who happens to publish  much of it, Wikileaks Founder and Editor, Julian Assange. 

Via CNN:

While it’s true that the leaking of government information is illegal and violators should be prosecuted, it’s also obvious that much of what Wikileaks has published serves the public interest. In fact, the Trump administration should be more concerned with many of the revelations that Wikileaks has published such as the CIA spying on all Americans without authorization from the Fiza courts.

If President Trump’s Justice Department pursues Assange, a large portion of his supporters will defect. Assange is seen as a hero by many of them and wouldn’t appreciate a truth teller like Assange being indicted for what they perceive as protecting the public interest.

The administration should tread lightly on this issue.