In what I can only describe as an odd interview, Perquita Burgess explained to the hosts of The View her experiences with Bill O’Reilly. Burgess explained that O’Reilly would make “grunting” noises when he would pass her desk but would not acknowledge her while doing so. She excused them as “muscle spasms” initially.

She goes on to describe a situation weeks later where the two of them found themselves in an elevator alone. She states that Bill O’Reilly didn’t make any comments to her while in the elevator. He gestured for her to exit the elevator “as gentlemen do” and then when she was off the elevator he said, “looking good there girl.”

Burgess goes on and then is redirected by host Sunny Hustin who asks “so when did ‘hot chocolate’ come about?” Hot chocolate was the reported term that Bill O’Reilly made to Ms. Burgess which got him into hot water with the network because there is a perceived racial element. Burgess explains that O’Reilly simply walked past her desk one day and said “hey hot chocolate” to her but didn’t acknowledge her. She says she took the remark as “very plantational.”