As if liberal America didn’t have enough protests this year, they are gathering today in solidarity to protect “science” from President Trump’s agenda.

Mind you science is a simply a word which means “to know” something. Perhaps they mean to protect the “scientific method?” Last I checked it wasn’t in jeopardy. 

All kidding aside, what they they are protesting is their “belief” (not knowlege) in certain ideas supported by the scientific community. The reality is that they don’t care about the science But the conclusions the science draws. And since those conclusions align perfectly with “new-Marxist” ideology, it’s a golden calf. 

Via LA Times:

The lineup of speakers includes celebrity seismologist Lucy Jones, billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer and Oscar-nominated “Hidden Figures” screenwriter Allison Schroeder. (Steyer’s nonprofit group, NextGen Climate America, is one of the primary funders of the march.)
More than 500 cities around the world will host a March for Science on Saturday. The main event will take place on the National Mall in Washington, headlined by science-enthusiast-in-chief Bill Nye and an array of scientific researchers. In California, marches will occur in 41 places, including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
By 9:30 a.m., thousands of marchers had gathered in Pershing Square. Sharon Stricker, 27, who works as a tutor and studied neuroscience in school, said science can bring people from different sides of the political spectrum together.
“We had [President] Trump supporters and Bernie [Sanders] supporters in my house,” she said. “But science isn’t a conservative issue or a liberal issue. I want to focus on what we can accomplish as a team.”
Questlove: “We need to make sure science belongs to the people.
Hayley Casselman, 33, a mental health worker from Culver City, said she was there because of her concern over climate change.
“It’s not that I’m worried the planet is going to explode,” she said, “but I want the Earth to continue to be habitable and beautiful.”

Let’s get real here. Science has been perverted in our post-modern society. Science is naturally controlled by academia and academia is in the form control of liberals. Scientists who want to continue getting funding must research liberal hot topics AND ensure their conclusions agree with the ideology. Modern science is as independent and unbiased as the UN is today. There is a clear interest and funding in one direction. 

If these people were proponents of science, they would be marching on the Universities and Government agencies that dictate the direction of science, not President Trump.