Former FOX News reporter and current CNN anchor, Alisyn Camerota talked about her experience at Fox News with Roger Ailes. She is the latest woman to come out and discuss how she was “sexually abused” at the conservative network.

CNN reported in a subsequent article:

For a long time Alisyn Camerota was reluctant to describe the dark side of working at Fox News.

She respects many of her former colleagues. She has close friends who work there. But she perceives that something has changed now that the channel’s CEO Roger Ailes and biggest star Bill O’Reilly have been ousted by the Murdoch family.

“It feels as though, if I take the Murdochs at their word, they really want to know what was wrong there and what the culture was like,” Camerota said.

And there was something profoundly wrong. In an interview on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Camerota said publicly for the first time that she was one of Ailes’ targets.

“Yes, Roger Ailes did sexually harass me,” Camerota said.

Other prominent Fox anchors and reporters have made similar charges. Ailes resigned under pressure last July after another longtime anchor, Gretchen Carlson, sued him and the Murdochs retained an outside law firm to investigate the allegations.

Another accuser, Fox contributor Julie Roginsky, filed suit against Ailes and Fox News earlier this month. Through his lawyers, Ailes has strongly denied all of the allegations.

Via news672:

Let’s talk straight here…

No woman should be sexually harassed and Alisyn has a right and a duty to speak out about the abuse she experienced. However, CNN is completely and utterly irresponsible to allow a person to make such egregious accusations and not allow the other party to respond with equal time.

Alisyn talked about doing wanting to do real journalism and this segment is a typical example of yellow journalism. CNN and Camerota only give one side to the story and never give the viewer a balanced narrative to fully understand what occurred. CNN buries a quote by Ailes’s attorney in the middle of their accompanying article as a way to seem objective. This isn’t sufficient. Most people read the headline and lead paragraph and are on to the next story meaning millions of people now have the impression that Roger Ailes, in fact, sexually harassed another woman.

CNN ran this segment simply to pile onto Fox News. It’s despicable and should be criticized in the media, but we all know that will never happen.