Former President Barack Obama spoke today at the University of Chicago. The talk was centered on what else but community organizing and working to identify future democrats. This is typically all that Obama has ever done with his time so it’s fitting.

Upon answering a question, Obama took a veiled shot at Hillary Clinton. Obama explained how politics is about meeting with people and developing a relationship and empathy with them. He described meeting with young men who had gang and criminal histories and leaning about their stories. He said the following which seemed to come off as a direct reference to Clinton:

What was striking when you sat down with these guys was… they’re young people and if you had listened to them talking, you would recognize them as not that different from any other young man 18 to 24. What was different was their circumstances. They had grown up in some cases in foster care or their mother was a drug addict and they had been neglected and so even within the city boundaries we will characterize our neighbors as something entirely different than us that we can’t understand and that we’re afraid of and that we can’t communicate with and the political rhetoric reinforces that. And they need to be heard too because if he six of you would have been in that conversation, you would have come away not saying, ‘these are some thugs or super predators that I can’t relate to. You’d actually say, man if I had gone through what they had gone through, I’m not sure how things would have worked out for me either.

Via NTK Network:

If you remember “super predator” was a term Hillary Clinton coined politically in the 90’s. Obama’s use of this term and describing not being able to connect with people and voters makes it highly likely he was addressing Clinton’s deficiencies.