What is happening to Fox News? Ever since Roger Ailes was forced out it seems the Network is getting more and more liberal. Perhaps this was the plan all along?

Julie Roginsky, a Fox News contributor and one of the women that filed suit on Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, had the audacity to label Attorney Jeff Sessions a racist this week. 

On her segment, “Clap Back” Roginsky fleshed out her reasoning for the claim.

Via Fox News:

I fully understand that Julie’s whole shtick is designed to provoke and provide a counter narrative to regular Fox programming, but this is really overboard. 

Fox News is going down hill fast folks. The hunt for Sean Hannity is underway and it won’t be long until Fox News feels the ratings pinch after losing their #1 talent. As great as Tucker is, he’s no Bill O’Reilly. Watch out for the Network to continue to take the leftward slide.