Chuck Schumer is getting tough on the wall. He told reporters at a press conference when asked about it the following:

Well, Senator McConnell wanted me to negotiate the wall with President Trump. I said to him two things, ‘first, it’s not a negotiation, no wall’ and second I said ‘only you can pursuade him that he shouldn’t do the wall because it’ll cause a governement shutdown.'”

Watch via NTK Network:

Chucky Schumer is attempting to use the wall as a way to trap President Trump. In recent years, we’ve seen how hysterical the media gets when the Congress can’t pass a budget or continuing resolution and threatens to “shut down the government.” It’s important to know that “shutting down the government” isn’t what it sounds like. Only discretionary spending would cease, not non-discretionary spending. So essentially, only the things that aren’t vitally important would cease to be funded, not the military or the courthouses.

President Trump shouldn’t take the bait. Let the government shut down! It’ll save us some money on the budget in the short term and it’ll force Schumer to lose his only bargaining chip against the wall.