Michael Cohen, attorney to President Trump, has begun legal action against BuzzFeed for publishing the notorious “Russian Dossier” which purported a whole host of ridiculous and unethical acts performed by Donald Trump. Michael Cohen was named in the report and it accused him of traveling to Prague to meet with “Russian agents.” Cohen has not only denied the charge but has published his passport which proves he’s never been to Prague in his life.


This is the same report that the FBI allegedly offered $50,000 to obtain. It’s the same report that was summarily dismissed by multiple news agencies as being incredible.

The Washington Times reported:

Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, says he has instructed his own attorney to investigate legal action against BuzzFeed, which posted an opposition research “dossier” that accused Mr. Cohen without proof of a conspiracy with Russian agents.

Mr. Cohen told The Washington Times that he also is considering a lawsuit against former British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the gossipy 35-page dossier that the liberal news website posted on Jan. 10.

Mr. Steele was paid by a Hillary Clinton supporter, via the Democratic Party-linked firm Fusion GPS, to gather dirt on candidate Trump last summer and fall. GPS circulated the Steele memos to reporters and Democrats.

But it was not until BuzzFeed posted the dossier that some people named in it learned that they were accused of wrongdoing.

Hopefully, Cohen decides to file suit against BuzzFeed. This kind of yellow journalism needs to stop. This could potentially make them disappear like Gawker.