It’s probably fair to say that no one at CNN (outside of the business executives) have ever negotiated anything significant in their lives. Most likely they have a lawyer or agent who represents them in their contract negotiations and never get involved in the process.

So you can’t be surprised when the talking heads at CNN don’t understand when President Trump is playing 4d chess with international leaders about a massive trade agreement like NAFTA.

Fareed Zakaria and Don Lemon were perplexed that Donald Trump would publicly say that he was about to pull out of NAFTA and then hours later, agree to speak with Canadian and Mexican leaders first in hopes to renegotiate. See, in CNN’s world of old crusty politics, the United States is simply supposed to follow through with their first statement and never use strategy or tactics to get the desired end result we seek.

By stating the U.S. would pull out of NAFTA, President Trump “anchored” our position and forced our partner nations in NAFTA to run to the bargaining table lest we leave them without their biggest buyer of their products. This was always in the plans but CNN would have you think that President Trump blundered. It’s why you can’t take this network or the liberal media at large seriously anymore. They just aren’t business savvy.

Via CNN: