Jill Filipovic is a feminist attorney and writer that is obsessed with abortion. 

Where most liberals would see a conflict, Jill sees an opportunity; women should have abortions at home. Not only that, but they should conduct them themselves. You know… DIY abortions.

Via Cosmopolitan:

That’s what Women Help Women wants to change. The organization just launched a new website that offers personalized information for women seeking to end early pregnancies with misoprostol, an abortion-inducing medication. The site doesn’t sell medications, but it lays out the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for using misoprostol (or misoprostol in combination with another drug, mifepristone), and allows women to send protected messages to experts on medication abortion.
The service is called Self-managed Abortion: Safe and Supported (SASS), and is live today on Abortionpillinfo.org. Here, Susan Yanow, the founding director of the Abortion Access Project and a consultant to Women Help Women, explains about how the website works, what Women Help Women does to mitigate risks to users’ health and security, and whether this is the future of abortion rights.

It’s a twisted idea, but one that found a mix of reactions on Twitter. Mostly though people were outraged.

Liberalism has gone off the rails. It’s not about freedom and justice any longer, it’s about destroying society. It’s nice to see the majority of America agrees with conservatives on this issue.