Mexico’s Foreign Secretary, Luis Videgaray is warning the United States to not build a wall. He referred to plans to build such a border wall a “hostile” and “deeply unfriendly” act, and an “aggravating action.”

Via Breitbart:

Mexico Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray said building any walls when there are already 600 kilometers of barriers is not only a hostile and deeply unfriendly act, but one that “also is not going to fulfill the objectives that it raises, is not only an aggravating action, but it seems to be frankly a bad idea.”

The foreign secretary said Mexico is planning a legal fight, and it has no intention to pay for any border walls or to cooperate with the U.S. in any way on the development of border walls.

“Of course, any kind of financial cooperation or any other way in building the physical barrier between our nations and, of course, an important fundamental limit is not accepting the violation of the human rights of Mexicans in the United States.”

Videgaray charged that any border wall “is not part of a bilateral discussion and should not be, Mexicans should not be part of that discussion, we will not collaborate in any way the construction of something that hurts us, Is apparently an absolute waste of resources.”

Notice he’s referring to the “rights of Mexicans” when discussing an American wall. The reality is that the Mexican people feel entitled to enter our nation and leech off our society.

This is exactly why a border wall needs to be built. The United States, through decades of gross negligence, has allowed our neighbors to feel entitled to the fruits of our labor. It needs to stop. Now.