The President of the WHCA, Jeff Mason, gave a speech at Saturday’s annual White Correspondents Dinner aimed at criticizingPresident  Trump for his valid critiques of the press.

Harris tried to rally the crowd at the WHCD by stating that the press is essential and not “fake news.”

Mason also implied directly that the first amendment and the press are at stake under a Trump administration.

…”It is our job to report on facts and to hold leaders accountable. That is who we are. We are not fake news. We are not failing news organizations. And we are not the enemy of the American people.”
“…At previous dinners we have rightly talked about the threats to press freedom abroad. Tonight we must recognize that there are threats to press freedoms here in the United States.”

So the press feels they are entitled to criticize but NOT BE CRITICIZED under the first amendment?

Someone needs to give this group of self-entitled, deranged keyboard pushers a lesson in the constitution. 

Trump is not the first President to challenge the press, but he is the first one to be treated so contemptuously. He’s the first one that is openly lied about. 

President Trump is doing exactly what needs to be done. He’s calling out the press. Not for criticism, but for pure lies. And the American people love him for it.