I have to admit, comedia Hasan Minhaj was EXCELLENT last night performing a roast at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Everyone in the world thought the roast would be heavy on President Trump and Fox News, but Minhaj was extremely fair in his criticism of all parties.

He lambasted MSNBC. He said the were hypocrites for calling out the “prison industrial complex” yet running hours of a prison show called “Locked Up.” He pointed out how their conspiracy theories are out of control and how their anchors ramble on. It was hard hitting and on point.

Watch via FederalAlt Times:

Minhaj The focused squarely on CNN and boy did he do a number on them. He did everything but call them fake news. The outlet CAN’T be happy about his performance this morning. It was that damaging.

Watch via FederAlt Times: