In an unaired segment of the “Face The Nation” interview from Sunday night, John Dickerson pressed President Trump on his tweet regarding President Obama “wiretapping” Trump Tower. As we and others have covered a million times, the statement was meant to suggest broad surveillance and not actually wiretapping specifically (which isn’t really done in the digital age). Dickerson wanted an answer regarding Trump’s comments about Obama being “sick and bad” for conducting the surveillance. President Trump didn’t play along. He began to explain the real problem, which is that the United States government is surveilling every American at all times. Trump said the following:

“Surveillance of our citizens. I think that’s a very big topic and it’s a topic that should be number 1 and we should find out what the hell is going on.”

Who can disagree with this statement? Liberals, lovers of liberty should rejoice to hear a president saying these words. right? No, instead, Dickerson wants to make news by forcing President Trump to say something negative about President Obama or catch him in a contradiction. This is called “gotcha journalism” and it’s pathetic. It’s the reason President Trump called out John Dickerson and “Deface The Nation” during the regular broadcast.

This is the media of our age. They are less interested in Americans and political candidates being spied on by the government and more concerned with tripping up their Commander in Chief. This is why nobody trusts them. This is why the new alternative media will continue to grow.