A conservative student group at Yale University hosted a barbecue luncheon on Friday several just a few feet away from a student union that was participating in a “hunger strike” to protest the university administration.


Via Heatstreet:

Local 33 were widely mocked on social media after a leaflet calling for action resurfaced saying that graduate students will go on “hungry strike” until they get hungry, at which time they will be replaced with other protesting students.

“Instead of eating your lunch, sit with us and lift our spirits,” read the flier.“When one of us cannot continue, come take our place.”

The protesters weren’t swayed by the Republicans’ barbecue, instead focusing on continuing their strike. According to the New Haven Register, eight Yale protesters haven’t eaten in days.

This is modern liberalism…  Protest anything at anytime for any reason. And furthermore, don’t actually stand for anything. If you’re conducting a hunger strike, it’s important to eat in between strikes. The nonsense that the American public puts up with is insane.

Watch via Tea Partier: