Paul Ryan spoke via a press conference to reporters Tuesday morning and made a promise to the American people. When asked about President Trump’s tweet about a government shutdown Ryan discussed all of the perceived “wins” for conservatives in this new spending bill compromise. Ryan touted $25 billion to the military (year over year), school choice provisions, border security increases, etc…  What he failed to mention was continued funding for Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities as well as $1 trillion in new spending overall that we just can’t afford. In fact, this budget is larger than Obama’s stimulus bill in 2009. It’s completely ridiculous.

So tickle me skeptical when I hear a snake in sheep’s clothing trying to sell me a bill full of pork. I’m just not buying it.

The only win I saw in this press conference was a promise to the American people that the GOP led Congress will “fight” for a border wall “this summer.” That’s the words I heard uttered from Speaker Ryan’s mouth in the video below. And he better deliver or the American people will show him the door.

Watch via NTK Network: