Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your seats. The journey around Capitol Hill is sure to get rather bumpy.

President Trump tweeted this morning that our government “needs a good ‘shutdown.'”

Trump is frustrated by the lack of GOP unity as it appears that the Democrats got everything they wanted and were able to thwart much of President Trump’s agenda in this compromised spending bill. Funding for Planned Parenthood, funding for sanctuary cities, pork barrels for all, but no funds for a border wall! How did Paul Ryan allow that to happen?

Trump is correct. The GOP leadership is a complete disaster. It’s almost like there are 2 or 3 parties within the Republican party making it impossible for the GOP to get their act in order.

President Trump needs to call on Paul Ryan to resign. He’s shown himself to be either 1 of 2 things: an utter failure at House leadership OR a traitor that is purposely sabotaging the Trump agenda. Either way, he needs to go.

Laura Ingraham says it the best: