Before former President Barack Obama hated President Donald Trump, he idolized him. According to a newly discovered manuscript written by Obama and a former classmate at Harvard Law School, 44 dreamed of becoming Donald Trump one day.

Via Fox News:

More than two decades before he railed against Donald Trump’s “temperament” and “core values,” a young Barack Obama dreamed of becoming the billionaire businessman.

Obama revealed his idolization of The Donald – and what he stood for – in a never-published book written with a classmate during his Harvard Law School days, portions of which are published in the upcoming Obama biography “Rising Star.”

Americans have a “continuing normative commitment to the ideals of individual freedom and mobility,” Obama wrote in the manuscript, revealed in a Washington Post book review. “The depth of this commitment may be summarily dismissed as the unfounded optimism of the average American — I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it, my children will.”

Obama wrote the discarded book, alternately referred to as “Transformative Politics” or “Promises of Democracy: Hopeful Critiques of American Ideology,” with classmate Rob Fisher during Obama’s enrollment at Harvard from 1988-1991. More than 25 years later, Obama, now a former president, has given a far different evaluation of Trump, the current president who has promised to undo much of Obama’s White House legacy and was a frequent critic of Obama during his tenure in the Oval Office.

So before Barry became a socialist and a globalist he had dreams of being a capitalist and captain of industry. We all know how that turned out. Obama opted instead to become a community organizer and politician.

In any event it’s funny to know that President Trump got the last laugh on this. No matter how much dirt Obama throws Trump’s way, everyone now knows that Barry’s ultimate wish was to literally “be” Donald Trump.

Watch via Golden State Times: