Barack Obama will go down as the most racially driven President in United States history. He had a penchant for speaking out, when he shouldn’t have, about alleged police brutality cases or other similar events. He was always quick to stoke the flames or racial division between Americans.

In a new biography, we get a glance into Barack Obama’s view on race and politics. Apparently, he once dumped an old girlfriend simply because she was white! According to the biography, he felt that her race would “hamper” his political career.

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

According to a new biography of Barack Obama, the future president once proposed to his white live-in girlfriend, but broke off their relationship when he decided her race would hamper his political career.

In his autobiographies, Obama only alludes to his previous relationships before meeting his eventual wife Michelle, and at times even used a “composite girlfriend.” But Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Garrow managed to track down one of his exes for his new bookRising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.

Sheila Miyoshi Jager, now an Oberlin professor, was Obama’s live-in girlfriend in his early Chicago years before he met Michelle. Jager told Garrow that Obama asked her to marry him twice, once at her parents’ house in 1986 and a year later before he went to Harvard Law School. Both times she refused him.

But eventually Obama began to see Jager as a potential liability to his political career in Chicago, where African-American politicians were often looked down upon for marrying outside the race. Illinois state senator Richard H. Newhouse Jr., the Washington Post notes in its review of Garrow’s book, was often mocked behind his back for “talking black but sleeping white” because of his white wife.

A mutual family friend also confirmed that Obama tied his decision to dump Jager to her race.

“The lines are very clearly drawn … If I am going out with a white woman, I have no standing here,” the friend recalled Obama saying.

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Imagine if the media discovered that Donald Trump or George W Bush had dumped a woman he was dating simply because of her race. There would be outrage on every front page and broadcasters would opine for weeks on the matter. But because it’s Barry, this will be swept under the rug in an attempt to preserve his legacy.