The Democrats are finally admitting that there may have been a crime committed by Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Yesterday, Senator Feinstein asked Director Comey this question:

via Led grou:

It led to James Comey admitting that Hillary Clinton emailed classified information to her personal assistant, Huma Abedin. Abedin, then forwarded that material regularly to her husband, shamed pedophile Anthony Weiner’s device. This is exactly how Comey answered:

Comey: We found emails from Huma Abedin to Hillary Clinton, which included classified info, on Weiner’s computer. “Somehow her e-mails were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner including classified information…” — That was the obvious reason why the Clinton investigation was reopened: Huma and Anthony Weiner were forwarding confidential info. So that answers the question about how classified info ended up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Thanks for the help, Sen. Feinstein! Feinstein wanted Comey to cover-up Thousands of Hillary state department emails on pedophile Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Let that sink in. In spite of that, Feinstein joined Hillary in blaming a certain person for her loss: It appears Senator Feinstein is also blaming Hillary Clinton’s loss on FBI Director Comey. — Shocker!

Now, Democrats can’t hide from the fact that a felony was committed. Watch as Morning Joe FINALLY does some investigative journalism and gets Senator Blumenthal to admit that a crime was committed.

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